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Acting, writing, producing, PODCASTING...Why not?

Last year, with most productions shut down and theaters closed, I felt I needed to to find some other creative outlet during the pandemic. Being a second act actor myself, I had had this idea of talking to people who have switched careers for a while. I knew that a lot of the times when we start a new path, we have some idea of how it's going to be, but a lot of the times we have no idea what it really feels like. So I decided to have these conversations on the record with friends and friends of friends and make it a podcast in Portuguese, my first language. The podcast title translates as "my early mid life crisis" and in it I speak to people who went from being in the corporate world to opening a restaurant, from lawyer to musician, a couple who left everything to sail and live from chartering their boat, someone who gave up being a judge to open her own business, anyway, there are plenty of stories that were really inspiring and fun to listen to.

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