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Baby Girl, directed by Kathryn Huyghue

Sunnyside Queens, directed by Alicia Krupskaya

Esik, directed by Selman Nacar

Waiting Room, directed by Charles J.Ouda

Girl from Brazil, by Kyle C. Norris

The Red Goodnight, by John C. Koch

Feed Me, directed by Elsa Levytsky

The Reaper, by Sam Potochick

Bella Bear, directed by Alicia Krupskaya

Crossroads, by Artiom Savelev

Visa, by Edel Garstad


Still. They Keep Flying, directed by Isabelle Kettle

Lordes, devised and directed by Katherine Wilkinson

Tales of Imaginary Birds, by Alex Viteri

The Hour of the Star, directed by Dara Malina

Undrown'd: Seeking Asylum, directed by Benita de Wit

Balm in Gilead, directed by Jenna Worsham

Love Letters to my Children, directed by Charles J. Ouda

Twelve Angry Women, directed by A. Camarota

Edge of Nothing, directed by Dara Malina

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