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Time for a little fur...ooops! I meant fun!!!

This week I had the pleasure to be part of this wonderful Italian-American family! The director Alicia Krupskaya wrote and directed the short "Sunnyside Queens", based on amazing people and events from her life. "Sunnyside Queens" follows a day in the life of this family, in which women from three different generations deal with their differences, eccentric personalities and, ultimately, love. I play Ariana, a twenty-something year old that is forced to face that life might be more precious than what's going on with her phone...


Directed by Alicia Krupskaya

D.P.: Maddie Rivera

1st A.C.: Leon Liu

A.D.: Vito Di Maio

Sound: Bouquet Napussorn

Script Supervisor: Adam Mania

Gaffer: Brad Nelson

Puppy Wrangler: Manolo Calderon


Stephanie Lloyd Ficarra

Ana Ribeiro

Eve Sorel

Sarah Audu

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